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Nothing major, just a slightly more usable domain name when I am working here in Belgium.

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I wrote this completely on my iPad Pro 

Well, the first part, the latter part I’ll probably switch over to my magic keyboard, which is connected to my iPad, so I guess it’s still my iPad…

Why the magic keyboard and not the Smart Keyboard case-type-thing-that-everyone-hates-and-is-like-origami-to-use? In short…its crap and I hate it, no seriously I couldn’t get used to the the typing, I was forced to keep it physically connected to my iPad, and I would never be able to use it with another device (I sometimes connect to my MacBook when I am gaming or mirroring my laptop to my TV).

I’ve now been living with this iPad for roughly 3 months, and I can safely say I love it to bits, but I do feel it’s slightly overpriced for what you get. Safe to say I would be happier if more developers would make their apps iPad Pro friendly…I’m looking at you Facebook! Seriously, the messenger app was updated instantly, but the Facebook app is still not updated nearly 5/6 months after launch!

I do admit that I don’t use the pro features enough, for instance multitasking I would benefit from, I don’t use it. I’m so use to having to switch apps (iPhone), that I haven’t conditioned myself to use this feature enough. Tonight I have to edit some excel documents, so maybe I will give it a shot, I’ll let you know how the end result is.

For the record I’m still typing on-screen and actually I quite like it, I am not a touch typer, something that I also despirately need to learn. I have got into the habit of using 3 fingers on one hand and 1 single finger on the other…not sure why, when I type on a physical keyboard I’m better. If I do switch, it will be at a later time…so maybe suddenly the article will grow in size after its published.

This is also, for the record, my firs time that I write about technology. I won’t call it a review because I will probably miss out key points that people look out for in a review, it’s more just my thoughts on using this massive slab of technology. I also hate reading very long blog posts, so I won’t keep you too long 😉

Talking about slab, this thing is huge, whenever you take it out to use most people are flabbergasted by how gargantuan it is. It doesn’t really bother me, just a point. The iPad is thin, very thin, but heavy for its size, usually not a problem for most people as they don’t really hold the thing, but I use it a lot for reading sheet music and singing, at which point it becomes quite weighty. For travelling this is the perfect size, although a lot of bags with laptop/tablet sleeves are either too small or too big, but I’m sure I will eventually find a bag that’s big enough for her…it…him…I’m not really sure, I wouldn’t really give this a male or female, my iPhone is definitely a girl…for reasons I will not write on fear of death from my girlfriend…but the iPad I’m not convinced. The only time I get irritated is when I have to pull out all my devices in airports…my laptop and iPad live both in sleeves, and they always have to come out the sleeve which is a waste of time, but I don’t dare use it without the case!

All in all I’m very content. I’m ending the post/article here because I need to leave soon….seems to be a common thing with my posts, podcast and videos…constant stream of thoughts and then suddenly it drops dead. I also apologise for my appalling grammar, but whatever, deal with it! I hope to get round to posting slightly more regularly, but we all know that I am useless at sticking with things…

Anyway, thats all for now! Guess I never needed to switch!

Will x

All things considered, I’m a pretty shit tourist.

This last weekend I had the joy of heading back up to Belgium for a few days, up on the Saturday afternoon, and back this Tuesday morning. A lot of you will ask, why in god’s name would I do that? submit myself to flights, all for 2 days of Belgium. Well the reason is very simple, but I’m not going to talk about that, but I will say. Totally worth it, 100%

Now of course it wasn’t all plain sailing, the car journey to the airport was dire, traffic everywhere, arrived far too late, stressed running through Zurich airport meaning you arrive at the gate looking vaguely like some sort of rabid dog struggling to muster any form of oxygen out of the air.

Flight was shit, sorry but it was. A certain Swiss airline, who shall remain nameless…except that they are Swiss, and the official airline of Switzerland…and are called Swiss, have introduced a new fare rate, basically meaning for very little money you can travel between Zurich and Brussels, something that until about a month ago, was reserved for people flying on their company-amex-card. No seriously, it was about €800 return…yea, so about 8 flights with a competing low-cost airline, also to remain nameless…just think of the colour orange…and hidden fees…and not Ryanair…yep. Now whilst this new fare range is rang is brilliant for people like me, it does come with some hitches…namely the baggage allowance. No check-in luggage, but that’s not an issue, it was only 3 nights, just one piece of hand luggage, perfect. A few months back I got myself a new suitcase that fitted cabin regulations, so this bag made the trip with me, and I must add I did very well. The bag was packed with everything I needed for the 4 days, plus my laptop, iPad, headphones and all sorts of chargers, plus a few bits and bobs that needed to stay in Belgium, all in all, 13kg. 13kg is not a lot, this is perfectly liftable, even for the smallest, weakest person. I was proud of myself, first time in my life that I am not packing enough clothes to survive an artic winter or a sahara summer all in one weekend.

Back to the baggage allowance. Here is me walking up to the gate when I am stopped by check in…I’m only allowed 8kg on the plane…

It all went downhill from there, but I will explain the whole trip, I might add this in at a later point, but I want to talk about the weekend, not the crap journeys either way. The main reason I wanted to go to Belgium was because I had the chance to hear someone I know sing in a small festival in Oostende. For those of you who don’t know Oostende, next time you are in Brussels, just head west and keep going till you can’t understand a single syllable that anyone says, and it starts to smell like the sea…just make sure you stop before you fall in the water.

This isn’t the first time that I have been here apparently. My aunt told me that I have been here when I was younger…something that I don’t remotely remember. But anyway, I enjoyed being back, it is a very pretty city. You have cute little streets running between the building, a beautiful church in the evening light, and a fantastic old train station currently undergoing renovation, much like the rest of the country. All in all, I was quite taken.

Now the festival, that is another story. When I first arrived there was some local celebrity singing her heart…and lungs out down her microphone, and in the meantime there was a band behind her playing…neither of the two seemed to be the slightest bit aware of the other’s existence, but hey, why not. Plenty of covers, mainly songs that I very much love, individually being slaughtered by this lady, I was not pleased to say the least. This continued for about an hour or so, with tiny breaks whilst I went off in search for toilets, food and basically anything that would get me away from my eardrums slowly bleeding.

Now after this hour of… wel pain is the only way to put it, the real act came on. Well to be honest, I say real act, basically the act with the person who was the sole reason for my making myself put up with multiple crying babies on a plan for an hour and travelling 800km on various methods of transport. I was actually a little nervous, I was not sure what to expect, I had never really heard this person sing properly, just heard many good reviews. To sum up what I thought of it all? Really fucking impressed, that’s what I was…

Now not to get ahead of myself, it was still a cover band so it was shaky at moments, the guitarist wasn’t exactly amazing, the sound guy was a right bellend, but the raw talent of some of these people, the drummer for instance was a god, the pianist also amazing, and the singer? Well lets just say it was like being hit by a truck…in a good way.

After gathering my jaw off the ground for the 2nd time…first time being when I saw her walk out looking all fabulous 😉 (this isn’t remotely creepy implied, she just happened to look amazing), I settled in for the 2 hour set that was to come. A mixture of modern music that I knew, mixed with typical local songs that basically could have been summed up in 2 lines by some farmer randomly burping on a slight beat.

I fell in love with a new song that day, Skinny Love by Birdy. I have heard the song in the past, but never really thought much of it, mainly because it is very simple, and on the radio this doesn’t really work, but live, with a nice tonne of echo (thank you sound guy, but we aren’t in a church), then I was really blown away. Piano plus a single voice…only thing that would’ve topped it was if she was playing the piano herself…but then I think I would have heard all the hearts breaking around the market square that this was taking place, I already heard a lot of this before!

It was during this song when I turned around and took this photo:

IMG_0454Just awesome, with the music in the background…it made the trip worth it.

Anyway fast forward a few songs, and we get to Frozen, Let it Go. Now I will admit, when I found out that this song was going to show its ugly face that evening, I was sceptical, I have never heard someone pull off this song…ever. Now I’ve always been told that I have to be 100% honest, so I will say it wasn’t 100% perfect, but its a stupidly hard song, so I will say it was 95% perfect, with a little blip at the end. The 95% though? I would take that over the original any day. Any singer can just regurgitate a song exactly like the original, but it is only the few amazing singers that can make it their own. Challenge passed!

The evening went on, lots of singing, lots of my jaw hitting the ground in amazement, and generally a lot of drinking going around…including the one guy standing next to me, who I was pretty sure was going to wake up in a bin the next day.

2 hours later and it was done…and I had to rush to get a train, which I found disappointing because it didn’t give me a chance to properly round off my evening and get a good chance to talk with the person I came to see. None the less, I was blown away.

IMG_0460Copyright for both photos? Well I took them, so whatever.

The following day was a date, so basically I am going to sum it up in a list of words, because that is all you get to know about it.

7:30am, Breakfast, Running for train, confusing, tired, Brugge, rather good-looking beautiful date, saying hello, (fast forward 11 and a half hours), saying goodbye, waiting for my train, thinking, train, taxi, home, bed, dead, then getting up 5 hours later to catch my flight home.

I am not going to say anything about the date because it isn’t fair on me, my date, or you. I also hope I havent stepped over a boundary for even bringing it up. I also am aware of who reads this thing, so I won’t say a lot. I will just say it was worthwhile, not that I was trying to achieve anything.

And so we get to today, or yesterday really as it’s past midnight. Getting up at 6:30 to go to the airport, nearly missing the plane, and a good 4 hours later I was back home in Switzerland, and now I should head off to bed because my thought process has just departed.

All in all, I am a very happy bunny, not for any reason, but purely because this is the weekend I needed, to get away from the stress 😉 of Switzerland. No, there is no stress, it was just a very lovely weekend.

Anyway, I hope to write again soon, off to Sri Lanka in a few days, so this should be interesting! Which brings me to a point I mentioned in my last post…about a bike. The bike isn’t happening anymore, so don’t get annoyed with it doesn’t come!

Please like, share, comment, throw away, eat a Pringle, enjoy life, and most of all…take a chance. I learnt a lot this weekend, I was blown away by a voice on one day, and the next I learnt a lot about horses, and about myself, and about a very, very interesting person, who shall remain namely…I’ll just call her shorty for purposes of this blog in the future 😉 I’m kidding, I’m not that much of a nob….

Till next time!

(for the people who know who I am talking about, keep it to yourself, this is not aimed at her or anyone, and it this is no trick, this is my blog and I can write what I want. oh and if you have an issue with anything written here, send me a message, the last thing that I’m here to do is offend anyone)

Cars…Bikes…Brussels….can’t find a good title…sod it.

Ask anyone who knows me, from family to friends, and they will tell you that I love to drive. There is something awesome about sitting behind a steering wheel, wether it be of a Kart, Car, 4-wheel bike-thing or a boat, I just love it. I can’t really explain why I love it, I just do. For the same reasons a 8-year old boy is in love with Cranes and Planes and helicopters, I have retained my love basically for anything that can be driven.

Now whilst I would consider myself a car-person, I’d never say that I was a petrol head, purely because I’ll get shouted at by several “real” petrol heads…namely the stroppy teenager driving a Renault Clio with a fart can with a diameter so large is it widely considered to be a dustbin to you or me, and has a photo of a Nissan-GTR on his phone, this is a real petrolhead…or is it ricer? I’m not sure.

I have developed my father’s taste in cars, I like purism. I will appreciate technology and engineering, which is why I consider the Tesla to be one of the most staggering cars out there…I have driven one, trust me, its fucking awesome! I have also sat behind the wheel of a BMW M6, the older v10 version…I can also confirm that this is also epic to drive. But that doesn’t mean I’m obsessed with speed, equally I am in love with Lotus…the moment I have enough money to afford a Lotus Exige S Cup…I won’t buy one…it’s a silly idea to own a car like that…that’s why I wait till I can afford about 2 or 3 of them, and then you get one and save all that money for the day it inevitably blows up. Why the lotus? Because I can not think of a more perfect example of simple Motor + Wheels = Fun…Simple plain fun…okay now I should mention the Ariel Atom…another toy that I would gladly own..but I live in Belgium, a land where you can usually count all the sunny days in the year on your fingers…or maybe also toes if its a good year, but the fact still remains…Lotus has roof, roof is good, good means dry, dry means happy, happy + Lotus = Yes.

People often ask me if I had the money what would car would I buy…now this is a very difficult question, with a lot of mulling over, usually about 45 tense seconds of me running all the cars that I know through my mind in a very Forza “select your car” sort of way, and the person asking the question just standing staring at me blankly as if I just went on ‘pause’. The answer is always the same…nothing. Why on earth would I buy a car? I might as well get €30,000 and just throw it out the window…same effect as driving your car out of the dealership…within you driving 5m out the showroom door, your car has already depreciated 30%. Why not take that money and spend it on something useless…like a big stereo…or a present for your wife…maybe a large Grand Piano…or a dog. (For the record if anyone buys a dog for €30,000, they need their head examined). There is simply no need for a car in my life, It would just cost me a tonne of money, and it would cover the 3km journey to school, at which point I would spend half my life trying to find parking, then it would get dings in it because Belgians seem incapable of opening a car door without destroying every car within 50 miles of it, and then it would sit there all day looking rather depressed. No. Do not buy a car, get a bike…something that can be used to cycle to school, and then? It can also be used to go into town, into the centre of Brussels, a now Car-Free zone…much to the aggravation to anyone who takes the bus, because they now stop about 1km from the centre, giving you a lovely 10 minute walk to get anywhere of use.

What is the largest drawback of having a car in Brussels? You have to drive in Brussels…something that I can only really equate to driving into the 9 circles of hell.

  1. The Outer-Ring – a large circular car park that spans all around Brussels, occasionally with slight movement, and inevitably about 3 crashed a day.
  2. The Ninovesteenweg – a long road going from Ninove, through the Outer-Ring, and all the way into the centre of town…this long road is also more of a car park, and also lethal to pedestrians…speed limit within the ring? 50 km/h Actual speed of cars on this road (away from the speed cameras)? around 80-100km/h.
  3. The little side streets running alongside – don’t get me started…just imagine a narrow street with cars parked both sides, with a small gap down the middle…then throw a fucking massive bus down this road and wait for what happens next.
  4. Anderlecht – imagine walking through a Souq (middle-eastern market), but everyone is driving cars…this is rather ironic in a way, but I won’t explain why.
  5. The inner-ring – Satan’s playground with car going every single direction, busses fighting for right of way, and a god-damn mother with a pram big enough to house the entire population of a local-kindergarden.
  6. Tunnels – just underground parking if you ask me.
  7. Louisalaan – A long street with a large collection of shops that are so expensive you can feel your wallet crying, now fill it with big expensive cars…and the bell ends that drive them…oh and throw in a pram or two.
  8. Rogier – a junction which the brussels mobility department seem heart-set on digging up for the next century, thus making any form of mobility impossible.
  9. The old-centre – imagine a junction with about 11 different roads connecting it…yea…parking…

I can not really put into words the stress and hatred I have for driving in Brussels, I would rather listen to Justin Bieber – Baby on repeat…actually no I wouldn’t, my ears are too precious to me…but you get my point. I know I am exaggerating a little, but it’s my blog and I can do what I want! But I’m sure the majority of you will agree with me, that the there is nothing more depressing than the feeling you get when you round the corner on a motorway to be faced with nothing more than a glorified temporary parking. It is so dull, and that I why I hate driving in Brussels, or anywhere near it for that matter.

Not to say I hate driving, no, I love driving, it’s brilliant! But I won’t get onto this, otherwise this post will last for 5 years. I’ll just leave you with this: long curvy roads, sunset across the lake, mountains in the background, the sound of a V10 roaring in front of you knees, the bumps in the road being perfectly transmitted up the steering column into your freezing cold hands (freezing cold because the Air-con is blasting on them to stop them sweating, and you whizzing along (still in the speed limit), but still enjoying every last minute of the moment…you get the picture.

The end is nigh for this post, but it brings me onto a announcement…well sort of, it’s not definite, but whatever. I am converting! I will be getting a bike…soon…I hope…what does this mean for you guys? The grand total of 3 people that read this blog…this means I will start writing about cycling in Brussels…something I am rather looking forward to!

More to come!

Anyway, same old: comment, like, share, ignore, all the standard stuff.


Oh so you’re a paraglider…and you jump off mountains…by choice…why?

This question comes back to be far too often, or maybe not too often, maybe it’s normal to be asked by people why you do a sport which is often considered very dangerous, even if it isn’t. Paragliding started around the 1950s (according to wiki) and it has come a very long way since then. I do not plan to give you a history lesson on paragliding, because I don’t know anything about it…if you want to learn more, look it up on wikipedia, here I’ll even give you the link:


IMG_0333Anyhow, moving on. People always assume that what I do is highly dangerous…and in some respects it is, I heard today someone compare it to diving…basically, if you’re shit or stupid…you will die. I fully agree with this statement, when you look at the majority of paragliding accidents or deaths, it is mainly because the pilot didn’t know what he was doing, or he was being a right arse. It doesn’t need to be dangerous, you don’t need to take risks, you can very easily just keep it plain and simple.

IMG_0108The principle in itself is very easy, you get a very large bit of glorified cloth, called a wing, strap a few lines on it, and put a little chair on the end. Now in practice these steps are replaced with high advanced pieces of equipment to make sure you don’t just fall out of the sky like a brick when you do jump off. Years of research goes into these wings, and in return you get some of the most aerodynamic bits of cloth in the sky today. Take the lines for instance, a single line can probably hold upwards of 1000kg…or a tonne. Now on my glider I have roughly 36-40 lines on my glider, so I think I will be fine, even considering the large amount of food that I consume.

IMG_0130Paragliding is often confused with BASE jumping and Parachuting…these are all different sports, although the other two do have something in common… you have a small parachute packed into a bag, you jump out-of/off a plane or tall object, and then when you are falling out of the sky like the whale in HitchHiker’s guide to the galaxy, you pull a small chord next to you, and pray to any form of god out there that the bit of cloth in that backpack opens…and doesn’t break…but does break you fall. Me however with my wing, I get everything out, lay it out on the ground, check that nothing is damaged, check the lines for any breaks or tears, generally making sure that everything is in order. I then put on my harness (which has a reserve packed inside), connect myself to the wing, check that everything is alright, and then run…or walk (depending on the wind), at which point the wing catches the wind, rises above my head in a controlled, yet epic manner. I then continue the run, but this time the weight is now taken by the wing and I fly forwards whilst the ground disappears beneath me…a somewhat odd feeling the first few times.

Paragliders fly, they don’t fall in style. You can very easily rise up using thermal winds and skill, thus allowing you to have a very long flight and actually climb instead of just heading slowly towards the ground. My longest flight so far is roughly 2 hours, something I plan to improve on…


There is no easy way to describe what I feel when I am flying, there are no words. When you were younger, did you ever imagine what it would feel like to be a bird? To experience the world from a different dimension, to feel the wind in your face, to soar above everyone, and be able to escape, to not be bother, to not have to worry about crossing the street or getting into a traffic jam? Well that is what I feel, I feel like a bird, I feel free. When I take flight, nothing else matters, not my school work, my future, my family, my friends, my lack-of-a-relationship, my bank loans, my singing, my anything. There is only one thing to do when you are up there…to not die, and that only requires about 20% thought process. Of course when I am thermal-ing or flying in tricky conditions, I am a lot more focus, but when I am just enjoying the flight and free soaring, I let my mind wonder, I allow myself to just let go and not think about anything. Of course you end up thinking about everything, but in a different manner. When you experience the world at 2000m in nothing but a small harness and a large plastic sheet, you really learn a lot.


I flew last week in Oberstdorf, Germany. This is one of the most pretty places I have ever been to in my life.  I won’t use the word emotional too much, but I can certainly say, that when I was soaring down over the town at roughly 1800m, around 7pm, sun starting to lower, winds chill, clouds nill, I was overcome by the beauty of it all, and I really was lost for words. There is a beauty to paragliding, and there is no way to experience this until you do it for yourself.


I will draw this to a close now, as I am approaching about a 100 words. I also seem to struggle to fully finish my point, purely because there is no point. Why do I paraglide? I have no idea…I started because I wanted to join my father…but now I have done it, why do I continue? Why do I force myself up mountains, spend horrid amounts of money on gear, get bruised ankles when I land iffy, get sunburnt on multiple occasions?

Because of this:


Because the world is a beautiful place, and we have to enjoy the world, take advantage of the beauty, and frankly? To take flight is the only way I can think of that will fully express that beauty…


When I fly I am a bird…I am fulfilling that childhood fantasy of soaring about everyone, watching over. I am saying to that inner 8-year-old, “yep, you are right…this is f**king amazing”.


Thank you for reading, feel free to leave a comment, correct me if anything is wrong, and please share to all your friends!

1st of August in Switzerland…Just food and fireworks

I recently had the joy of experiencing the 1st of August at my parents house in Switzerland. Now to be fair, this isn’t my first 1AUG (typing it out every single time will get old) in Switzerland, I’ve actually been there on 3 separate years for the date. I found it such a nice experience, I decided I would write about it!

1AUG is a national day in Switzerland, the whole country shuts down for the day, not a single shop is open, car wash or anything. The only things that still run are the boats, buses, trains and well basically any form of transportation up mountains ranging from a Post-Bus to a full on Funicular railway! The Swiss love this day more than they love their mothers…this might be an exaggeration, but for a culture that is very controlled, they like to take this opportunity to party!

Where I live, we have separate buildings, each with roughly 5 apartments in each. Now when it gets to 1AUG, we all going together and celebrate together, and I find this such a wonderful thing to do, to enjoy a evening together with people you know, don’t know and some who are very new to the development. In total we were with around 16 people, so not everyone was there, but it was a manageable amount of people, allowing you to converse with everyone without having to make it seem like you are reciting some sort of speech. Now of course I didn’t talk with everyone, mainly considering that most of the people there are swiss, and about 40% don’t speak a word of english…but the rest, either do, or they come from England or some other country. We have many different nationalities in our development, ranging from Polish to English to Russian to Swiss, something to be proud of.

Food…lots and lots of food! Everyone brings their own food to this event, this means you get a very large selection of food, especially meat! They love their meat. A side note would also be the fact that you also get foods from different cultures, which is a welcome surprise!

Now I am going to skip on a bit and talk about the fireworks. At 10:20pm, we all headed down to the boat station to watch the local fireworks, provided by the Vitznau Park Hotel, a somewhat….massive building just down the road from our housing. This is a wonderful way to end the evening, especially as it takes place at 10:30pm, and after you just go home, a lot more welcome time as apposed to New Years where you get to 10pm and suddenly realise you have to try and last 2 more hours…something I nearly always fail to do.

Park Hotel

[picture: http://www.elektro.net/]

10:25pm, we are standing at the large open decking next to the boat station, suddenly something dawns on me. I am here with a large percentage of the town to watch these fireworks, but I do not feel like a sardine, I have space, I can walk around and actually enjoy the show…this is very welcome, I think back to the days of watching fireworks in England, where you would be packed into a field to watch a cacophony of noise and light above your head, whilst you strain your neck and start to experience what it feels like to be under fire…except soaking wet because it always seems to rain on these evenings. But I digress, here it is lovely, not to chilly, I have space, I am with some lovely people, and the fireworks are about to take place.


The fireworks are located in the middle of the lake, on a small barge, this means that the firework display happens in front of you, not above your head. You also have to watch the reflection of the fireworks in the water, a rather odd, but beautiful site. I love fireworks, but after about 5 different firework explosions, I’m bored, it is just noise and light. One very different thing though about watching this display in Switzerland on the lake is…the sound…we are surrounded by mountains on all sides! This means the echoes are amazing! I am persuaded, and I decide to enjoy this event.

This brings me to the end of this chapter in my New blog, mainly because I got rather distracted and wrote this blog over 3 days, something that didn’t work too well. I will now move straight on and write my next entry, hopefully in one stint, just maybe slightly shorter! Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!

I am not a writer…or a blogger.

No, seriously, in all fairness, I am not a writer, never have, never will, I mean, seriously, take a look at this sentence, how many times have I used a comma?

My name is Will, I’m 20 years old and I’m a Musical Theatre student living in Brussels. I like technology, music, life, culture and last, but not least, I love dogs. I spend a lot of my free time reading blogs, mostly travel blogs, and I realised some of my favourite are not the blogs about a certain thing, but more the blogs talking about the actual traveling. Now anyone who can spend more than 5 minutes on the web without getting distracted by Facebook will probably be able to find a numerous quantity of blog posts written by me, yes, that’s write, I have tried on multiple occasions to get round and start writing a proper blog, and have it read by many, but usually they never seem to carry any form of interest, and usually go off the point a lot…a lot like my Youtube videos did, something else that didn’t really last long, although that has other reasons, which I will get onto now.

Of my very short experience as a youtuber…is that a word? I found that when I talk…alone…to a camera, I tend to stray from the point very easily, which is very normal for any human being, but it is also high frustrating to anyone who is watching/listening to said youtube video. I find the idea of writing a lot easier and less intimidating, and to be honest, it is a good way of building my writing capacity…something else that is quite lacking. Side note, I have dyslexia, now not in a very large form, but in a very specific manner; I find it very difficult to write down what is going on in my mind, something you will probably catch on whilst reading this. What I also struggle with is grammer, punctuation and spelling, sorry to anyone who reads this and get aggravated by the way I write, hopefully this will improve! I also tend to write completely the wrong word…not in the sense that I randomly manage to fit the word ‘wheelbarrow’ into the middle of a sentence, but more in the sense of not really knowing what spelling to use, E.g. I always used to write Loose instead of Lose…yea I know. This basically sums up why I am writing a blog instead of you-tubing, plus also making any pre-excuses for horrendous english that will follow later.

Now I should probably start to talk about the topics I want to talk about, something that might interest people, or me. I find that I will talk about anything really, but probably a lot about travel, something that I enjoy talking about! Now of course if people start reading this and give me feedback, they can always suggest topics that I should write about. For the rest of this blog post, I will talk a bit about travelling in the car…not a road trip…but specifically a trip I made recently from Brussels, Belgium to Vitznau, Switzerland, some 700km, give or take about 30km.

Second half to come…